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A Real Troublemaker

What would your dream house be like? — massive house with 6 bedroom, big games room and a swimming pool... http://t.co/Jc0fkLw1


7 years ago

Leo Blanning

That moment wen u "forget" ur swim kit and realise its the last swimming session so they play games in the pool while u watch on the side


7 years ago

Mfanelo Mgwigwi

I can't forget last year or so when I foolishly took on a swimming pool. Even two laps were a struggle. It was all fun and games till...


7 years ago

Philly Cheese

Can't wait until baseball games, pool parties, late warm nights, huge fires, swimming on the lake, spending days with the family #summer


7 years ago

Black Adam

Man the way I see it, NOBODY ELSE was swimming, soooo the only pool goers played pool games.


7 years ago

Lucy Johnson

The swimming pool being closed results in games of badminton/tennis http://t.co/i0cJColi


7 years ago

jeric hadap

GoodEVening!! wew!! kagigising palang.. PAGOD at ANTOK dahil kanina #swimming #birthday #pool #games :) x


7 years ago

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