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Christiana Figueres

This is not the moment for any gradual shift or any gradual change, this is actually the moment for total disruptio…

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What’s for dinner? Order it with Google. 🍽 Now you can order food for delivery or pickup across Search, Maps, and…

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Renato Mariotti

The question is who defines what a “journalist” is. Could Trump decide that the New York Times or CNN are not real…

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David H. Bernstein

RT @fermatslibrary: These are the only 3 known prime numbers whose digits are in ascending order, beginning with 1 and returning from 9 to…

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Tom Staniford

Many people seem to be confused. You don’t need to give up any shred of decency or reasonableness in order to get a…

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Laurence Tribe

If Trump dares to order defiance of this judicial decision, that will be the constitutional crisis that only impeac…

3 days ago

#MeetingYourPower #ERAbyDJZinhle #ZeeNation

I'm on my way to American Swiss because they've finally realized how amazing @ERAbyDJZinhle is.. Partnership, growth, etc..

3 days ago


RT @FE_offi: ◆Tour【The garden of "EDEN"】 8/24 大阪MUSE 8/25 名古屋ell. SIZE 8/31 SHIBUYA CLUB QUATTRO [第1弾先行] 受付:4/27 12:00~5/23 21:00 https://t…

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