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Cheri Jacobus

I need EVERYONE to share this daily, on facebook, twitter-- wherever you can, in order to make this work! $75k to…

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Robert Spencer روبرت سبنسر

Sri Lanka: Muslims order Christian Tamils to convert or move out of traditional homeland

17 hours ago

XementumU 🐾@ Artfight

RT @0xRed: By the way, if anyone would like a transparent version of the Chaos or Order Logo please grab them from here:…

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RT @AmyThunig: 'In order to divert the gaze from this resistance, these White Witnesses claim that these protesters are not the ‘real Black…

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Brad Parscale

Our amazing recyclable @realDonaldTrump straws are once again available. We sold out our first several thousand ord…

2 days ago

Burna Boy

Pre order my new album AFRICAN GIANT NOW!

2 days ago

julie k. brown

Jeffrey Epstein’s work release setup puts Palm Beach County sheriff under scrutiny

1 day ago


RT @aIonesouI: in order to be in a healthy relationship you have to be able to talk about the things that bother you. BIG or SMALL, it will…

20 hours ago

Solomon Yue

RT @matthewstoller: Use of the term Red Scare is ridiculous. The Chinese Communist Party regularly discusses its plans to destroy the Weste…

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