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Peter Staley

On January 25, 1991, this is how The @nytimes reported that 100,000 Americans had died from AIDS. They didn't bothe…

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Ian Dunt

Dominic's eyesight was good enough. That's why he took a drive to find out if his eyesight was good enough. About…

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Paula White-Cain

I pray for restoration of everything the enemy has stolen from you, plus interest!! God is restoring to you seven f…

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योगेश आंबेकर जैन

RT @PriaINC: Kahi main Nighahein Kahi Pain Nishana - Shramik Trains rerouted to different destinations. Kurla-Patna train reaches Purulia &…

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Cerys Murphy

RT @TrevWall: dudes who fold their beanie

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A biztonsággal és békével teli világ. Egy zöld világ éhezők nélkül, egy szabad földdel, szabad emberekkel. Egy olya…

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