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Daniel Subramaniam

@SofeaAGhani sounds really cool... I'm sure you'll be one of those great talents someday


7 years ago

Chris Long

RT @RTR_Pilkington: Alabama taking their talents to South Beach @sabansays


7 years ago

Lauren Farfan

RT @UADennyChimes: The Tide is bringing their talents to South Beach! Bring on the Irish! #RollTide #BeatNotreDame @SportsCenter


7 years ago

♥ Squirrel ~ 松鼠 ♥

[TRANS] Khun: "I am very happy that I got to do this event with you all, seeing all your talents and your smiles. At first I felt that...


7 years ago


@KenPhotog Bcuz you were blessed with other talents


7 years ago

Rachelle R. Boñales

Bec of #TheVoice, people now see @DezDuron not just as a pretty face but as an ARTIST W/ VOCAL TALENTS to pride himself w/


7 years ago

John Manford Hurst

RT @NIckPerry_27: Taking my talents to South Beach!!!!!!! http://t.co/JnueYj1U


7 years ago

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