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Ginny Hogan

people talk a lot about the benefits of sleep but no one says the main benefit is that it fills the time

1 day ago

Kevan Kenney

Was catching up on sleep yesterday 😴 my apologies #NCTzen. Here’s what I’m allowed to say at the moment. There will…

2 days ago

Arianna Huffington

Loved @EmilyDreyfuss's piece about how @sleepdiplomat's #TED2019 talk on the harms of sleep deprivation resonated s…

7 hours ago


RT @RatCasket: hey are you a logo person? good with logos? make a logo in your sleep? send a dm with a portfolio to @gutterarcade cause i n…

1 minute ago


I'm bout to sleep, but wanted to remind yall to follow my private account @DiscordBoyVents to hear me talk about se…

5 minutes ago

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