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Tom House 〽️

The best perfect the basics you’ll never see. They sleep right, take their vitamins, drink alkaline water, track al…

1 month ago

Robbie Fox

Lotta talk about best speeches in sports movies around HQ today. I'm a Herb Brooks 'Miracle' guy myself but we can'…

1 month ago

Old Man

RT @seerutkchawla: Let’s talk about male privilege. • 87% of homeless people are men. • 9 out 10 people who sleep rough are men. • Most pe…

1 month ago

Chris Cox ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

@Takilafu1 @Franciscolikeu @ivan_8848 Sleep well! It's a shame you didn't want to talk about the first item in my b…

1 month ago

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