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An officer is charged with assault after a video shows him Taser and strangle a Black man for jaywalking

1 week ago


A North Carolina police officer who resigned after a body camera video showed him hitting and using a Taser on a ma…

1 week ago


Werewolf mask and a taser, but who do they belong to 🤔

4 minutes ago

Lic. Tricolor

@Elizadeldecano Acá tenemos varios problemas, uno es que la policía convive con los malandras lamentablemente. Otro…

7 minutes ago

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@Lance_Valcour @Axon_Canada While supporting less then fatal force, of which Taser like tools are an important elem…

2 weeks ago

Ian McMillan

$AAXN Axon ...Ah, what to ya know, the taser company spikes on gun control blabbering.

2 weeks ago

Thomas Skennerton

#gizmodo: Taser Founder Thinks The Answer To US School Shootings Is 'Innovation' - Rick Smith, the founder and CEO…

2 weeks ago


In case you were wondering....Learn why new strategic alliance partner of the @FBINAAQuantico changed their name fr…

2 weeks ago

CICE DCarrasco

Desde Gizmodo: Taser Founder Thinks the Answer to School Shootings Is 'Innovation' - Rick Smith, the founder and CE…

2 weeks ago