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RT @ReduceRight: Cannot get past my fear of being taken out by a sniper. So I continuously jump and duck, which makes everyday tasks extrem…

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tiffany lvs you 🎅 !

RT @yejivvess: BE CAREFUL GUYS The blue whale challenge is back again. If you don’t know what the blue whale challenge is, then read on.…

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Daryle Baes

@Muhamma77395668 @doogerasgurd @jayed_al_sabit @Maryam15048 I have an iPhone and an iPad and there are ZERO advanta…

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anonymous gods

Anxiety disorders are extremely common, affecting around 40 million Americans. These disorders can make it difficul…

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Grrrr, the Angry Shark

RT @Mariatcutler: @kyhwana @GANyborg @GrrrrAngryShark I am six weeks in. Still housebound and unable to do everyday tasks. Double jabbed.…

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