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Shawn Mendes

Please make sure to donate to #HandInHand by texting GIVE to 80077 to give $25 or at x

1 week ago

Tyra Banks

It's Tyoncé. Yas or Yassss?

1 week ago

Erik Voorhees

My memory is failing, was it Bitcoin or was it JP Morgan that was bailed out by the government?

1 week ago

Pete Schwadel

RT @FBJ0: this is boston so honestly can’t tell if this is pro or anti racism

1 week ago

なちゃん∠( 'ω')/

RT @fkym_bfi7: 【交換/譲渡】ボーイフレンド(仮) ボイフレ まねきねこ まねき ドデカ缶バッジ 【譲】逢坂×6、北城×10 【求】まねき- コースター堤 or 100円(1個)+送料 ※まねきコースターは新旧絵柄不問- ※お約束分とは別です 郵送希望。検索からもお…

1 week ago

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