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Economic Times

The steel behemoth has invested in shifting from classroom methodologies to blended learning mechanisms for orienta…

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Roelf de Bie

@wilcolouwes Een Nedelands bedrijf in handen laten komen van buitenlanders is altijd al foute boel. Paar voorbeelde…

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मेरे सन्यासियों को मारा क्यों ????

RT @IndiaHistorypic: Geologist Pramatha Nath Bose ( Born In 1855 ) Discovered Iron Ore Deposits In The Hills of Gorumahisani In The State o…

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Leandro Gao

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The question is, if Rubies can lead to this, what can Gold, Platinum and steel lead to? Something greater than Spa…

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World Music Awards

#GOT7's #DYE is the World's best-selling Album of the past week with global sales of 289,000, and is the only album…

2 weeks ago

Candace Owens

Climate doom predictions have always been about scaring citizens into more taxation and regulation. 1970: acid ra…

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What's that on 'er face you ask? #BT21 3D FIT #FACEMASK Trendy low-key look, comfortable, washable, antimicrobial…

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a walking typo//nfsr

RT @marysuewriter: pretty much every debater i know knows the full “the global poor live in a dictatorship known as no alternatives” quote…

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Lindsey Kime

RT @MrTardigradeUK: One does not need to be wearing an aluminium-foil hat to realise that when someone effectively declares themselves Glob…

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