Tcu tweets

Jordan Carson

Cheering for TCU today.

7 years ago

Curtis Honeycutt

Watching "Oklahoma at Texas Christian" with Viggle. Get real rewards just for watching TV. #TCU #Sooners #viggle

7 years ago

Cameron Kirkāš¾

RT @OUnation: Mangino sighting on the sidelines at the #OU / #TCU game. BCS... dollar signs!!!!

7 years ago

Tim Griffin

Here's my first quarter blog post. #TCU #OU

7 years ago

AJ Winters III

RT @LandThieves: Millard trucks TCU defender in gif form

7 years ago

Aaron Meyers

Wow TCU QB just overthrew his wideout by like twenty yards.

7 years ago

Mac Engel

At the #TCU game where it's sunny and almost 80 on dec 1. #footballweather. #sooners

7 years ago

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