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Dr. Dena Grayson

🔥In his exposè of Pecker, @JeffBezos wrote, “the Saudi angle seems to hit a particularly sensitive nerve.” Bezos’ i…

1 week ago

Oregon Duck Baseball

DUCKS WIN! Oregon opens its season with a huge 9-4 win at No. 8 Texas Tech. Ducks finish with 15 hits led by 3-hit…

2 days ago

Ray Maker

Garmin announces it's acquired Tacx: This is unquestionably the biggest news to hit the indoor training space in ye…

5 days ago

Sid - SidedWilliams

New SMS Tech! If you jump on the Wiggler's head to change it's face to it's stunned look before hitting the Wiggle…

12 minutes ago

Lisa Brideau

Every time I watch a movie where stopping some piece of tech/machine is critical to the plot, my engineer brain is…

19 minutes ago

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Asha Rangappa

How do you neutralize a foreign intelligence threat when the threat is the President of the Untied States? Well, yo…

1 month ago

Neal Katyal

This is hands down the best thing I have read on the recent Trump/Russia revelations.

1 month ago


Microsoft dejará de ofrecer apoyo técnico para Windows 7 dentro de un año

1 month ago