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Emma Dent Coad

Another #Windrush case into my office today. @RBKC taking a tenant to court and threatening eviction after their Ho…

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MS Windows IT Pro

How to find the Global Admin for your #AzureAD tenant: #PowerShell

1 day ago

Sarah Kendzior

Did anyone find out the cause of the fire in Trump Tower last weekend that led to the death of a tenant?

1 week ago


RT @pinkyfaye: @theBatt218 @demesa_ian @BongSalilican @bourne_angel @boongaling_e @LiesesMarryHK @CoraMarcelo1 @94Phanie @ricsl1600 @NeilJo…

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@iScrumhalf That appears to be a central tenant of the game. I remember seeing them play of campus and feeling like…

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Students who believe your rights were violated by school administrators today should contact the ACLU using this fo…

1 month ago

Dan Rather

I have seen social movements for change - the Civil Rights Movement, protests over the Vietnam War, the fall of co…

1 month ago

Niall Horan

Manchester you were a dream . Thank you . Can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow in this amazing city

1 month ago

Magda Purroy Montull

RT @nytimesworld: Spain has mounted a series of challenges to freedom of expression. The European Court of Human Rights is pushing back. ht…

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Live Web Cam from Venice Beach, California

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