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ᴛᴏʙɪᴀs ᴠᴀɴ sᴄʜɴᴇɪᴅᴇʀ

Could you write hateful tweets if we would have a design like this? Think about it. This could be the solution!

1 month ago


Theresa May (PM+Home Sec) spending priorities: #GrenfellTowers tragedy fund: £5m Besieging Julian Assange: £18m…

1 month ago

Amara Nwankpa

He reads Psalm 23, in the morning and then goes to resume work as the Executive Director of the Valley of the Shado…

1 month ago


RT @InfiniteUpdates: [PICS] 170617 #인피니트 Interview for Anan Web Vol. 28 - #인피니트 Woohyun, Sungkyu & Sungyeol https:/…

1 month ago


With this PHP rootkit you can take over a server hiding it in PHP server modules

1 month ago