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Tiyani wa ka Mabasa

You can’t write off Downs in the Champions League simply because they are facing Al Ahly. I don’t have to count th…

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【ユニット強化】3/22(金) 15時頃より『レーヴァテイン(ブラックキラーズver)』な- どコラボユニット6体や『アナスタシア』『ロフィア』『カリス- 』の暴食・憤怒の扉を開放!さらに一部ユニットなど上方修正!- 詳細はこちら…

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Rand al Thor 19

@bananafactory87 Can I take a guess?!?!? Without reading the thread... I would guess all the comments are about it…

1 minute ago

Akhil Raj

@srijancule @RMCFABDUR This^ but some deluded ones wont understand that. Some think bale is still top 10 itw and he…

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