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Princess Stephi ♔

@TheReala_Simba Well .... Brianna live in Germantown and I go to school in North Patomac so how is this gonna work out?

7 years ago

Chad Felix Greene

Unions: I live in a Right to Work state. Union guys are outside in the cold with "Shame on you" signs. I work hard and get paid well warmly.

7 years ago

Billy House

On fifth thoughts, I'm going to go in tomorrow, work hard, revise, do well in my exams and live a long, successful happy life.

7 years ago

Nigel Banks

Poor folk who live north of a power station will nearly always be in the shade and solar PV systems wouldn't work very well there...

7 years ago

Davyhulme Primary

So both the KS1 and EYFS live stream seemed to work well, (despite the little adverts) and you can watch them over...

7 years ago

Nichole Norris

@B_Morgs9NYY23 lately at my work and they all are very willing to help me find a place to live and work if I do go so well shall see!:)

7 years ago

Brandi Parsons

If I didn't live at home, have so much responsibility and have to work, I could actually be doing well in school #Whine

7 years ago

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