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A̶l̶h̶a̶j̶i̶ Drunkard

@Tunmiike I just knew recently sef. It’s a line from a razz song like that 😂

5 hours ago

Abi The CURSE Queen 👻👑

@renegade_hearts @crashtestlive @razz_the_pillow @MermaidElfie @vixfeetunder Don’t Oi me that’s my line I’m British 🤣🤣🤣

7 hours ago

Razique Kamal Azhari Azmi.

RT @JonathanACBrown: France is the front line of islamophobia. We’re seeing - on the pretext of one person’s crime - Macron’s effort to sub…

17 hours ago

tender dallon lyric bot ↯ spooky replies era

@DallawnWeekes Happy Razz Day! Your extra tender dallon lyric is: 'If I'm out of line / Just show me the door'

2 days ago

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