Texty tweets

Remar Barrion

@montenegrocmll how dare you to say that! I didn't forget you! I'm not that "texty" person(create a own word)


7 years ago

Jo Le

@50ShadesOf_K @clop16 kai, u still comin today and is Carys cominnnnnnnnng as welly :)) did u get ma texty?


7 years ago

Ku Syakirah

@adamminions Eh chiLL la. I'm not doin anything atm pun. Just not a texty person. Hehehe. =)


7 years ago

Hannah Tiley

@KWR91 I am so frikkin jealous. Give me a texty later to let me know how you get on #newhome.


7 years ago


I favorited a @YouTube video from @bananapielord http://t.co/2AK1aSTF Minecraft Worldz! | Part 20 - TEXTY'S BACK!!1


7 years ago

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