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RT @FIirtationship: "Don't change to a new song in the middle of another" first of all.. it's a 5 min drive and I have 7 songs I need to…

3 hours ago

Paul Jean-Francois

@GeorgeMOfficial not happy with the code thaï was supposed to give access to mp3... songs are in takes me hours to charge 😢😨😠

4 hours ago

Mary Snaf (PlutOwl)

@luvJingyu So far I have 163 chinese, thai, korean songs! 😄 But mostly are from our BL OST (and LeoLucas old tidbit…

5 hours ago


Me: thai songs gives me headache........ Also, me: *listens to splash out regularly*

15 hours ago

Billy Dempsey

@evanwickham This is me in church every Sunday. Most worship songs are in Thai. My Thai is no bueno at the moment.

20 hours ago

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