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The New Lawlessness

@Scarlett_Morgan Watching the movie Serenity, drinking Thai iced tea and playing Misfits songs on my B.C. Rich.

1 hour ago

💨💨Loneliness my love 💙❤

RT @ferfamjr: Talking about old songs. a song call, Shot (Tata Young) S: .. what happened (C: Shot Shot... This is what the dance steps loo…

11 hours ago


Man i miss using sp0tify *remembers that most thai songs isn't available for me on it* yeah maybe not

11 hours ago

GOT7FOREVER💚 7for7❤️ 7or nothing

@OneAhgaseGOT7 @GOT7Official Thank You, Let Me Hold Your Hand (switch ver), Never (Thai song cover 2018 Nestival)..…

11 hours ago

Anugrah Yudha P.

Tried not to cry, ended up crying so hard 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Not an ahgase since beginning but grow up listening to GOT7's so…

11 hours ago

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