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RT @ps5controllers: Silver Surfer 🏄🏻🐢✨ Illustration by #Me Copic ink & marker

9 hours ago

Ser Phobos

@FanSince09 Remember when they showed off the auto retrieval function on the truck and it just absolutely demolished the driveway marker

11 hours ago

Revue Ballast

@LenaDormeau @TyphonBaalAmmon Être avec Castoriadis, ça va. « L’idée de la démocratie repr…

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2) not being satisfied, let's check out another source with similar contents -> (translated…

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みんなからの匿名質問を募集中! こんな質問に答えてるよ ● 元気ですかーーーー!!… ● おすすめの映画ってありますか?… #質問箱 #匿名質問募集中 uYuT

1 day ago

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