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Wow. The new University of North Florida Poll has Val Demings ahead of Marco Rubio 48%-44% among registered voters.…

1 month ago


About 70% of the Newly registered voters are Youths!!! I am one of them. This was my promise after October 2020!! T…

1 month ago

Chris Anderson

On June 8, at least 37 companies tied to Donald Trump and his family changed to a new registered agent, according t…

1 month ago


Alphabet’s $1.5 Billion in Blockchain domain in the span of 9 months . A blockchain is a shared distributed databas…

1 month ago

Nick Admussen

@HuShuo Just double-checked public domain rules in the PRC: T minus 4 years, although there may be a carve-out for the chairman...

1 month ago