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CBC British Columbia

This 3D optical illusion of a little girl chasing a ball now appears on the road near two elementary schools. "Pave…

21 hours ago

Shannon Coulter

Thanks for your interest, John. "That guy" is my husband. He's smart and kind and funny. He's the kind of guy who a…

4 hours ago

Zillow Reporter Alex Griswold

I should note that the Facebook post also didn't exactly gibe well with Blasey Ford's accusation. She wrote that pe…

2 days ago

Juice Box

@z________e I’ll have to check him out, I’m a music reviewer for local artists at my school so I listen to some pre…

1 minute ago

Jenny Sant'Anna

“Ppl who want 2 serve on SCOTUS shd’nt b willing 2 casually drag a private citizen through the mud, using dubiously…

1 minute ago

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