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Dan Bongino

Dear Libs, Presidential trips to conflict zones are NOT scheduled days in advance. They’re scheduled weeks in advan…

1 month ago

Robert Reich

That's the least of it. Trump has closed the U.S. government, has no Attorney General or Secretary of Defense, is w…

1 month ago


RT @574LK3R_9: @realDonaldTrump M. President why the super Mueller with his team of thugs are such an abuse of power it’s incredible how no…

1 month ago

鈴野 陽平/Youhei SUZUNO

RT @sai_zen_sen: 【書影公開】Fate/Grand Orderの手帳が初登場! 『FGO手帳 2019.4-2020.3』が2019年の1/29(火)発売となります。英霊たちの誕生日・命日などの記念日が記載されたカレンダーを収録したマスター必携の一品です! 予約…

1 month ago