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Thanks to unreal numbers, two rings and the “Dream Shake,” Hakeem Olajuwon comes in at No. 12 in the TOP 100 issue,…

1 week ago


That dream, courage, motivation, and drive started within the four of them long before they were Fifth Harmony. Sho…

5 minutes ago

Aam Aadmi The Indian

@ShefVaidya No need to shake so much. I dont think they wud send CBI at you! .. also how true the proverb "one mans…

16 minutes ago


RT @megan_losh: I hate when I have a dream that felt so real that I just can’t shake it in the morning.

32 minutes ago

DIV 歌詞bot

I wake up from your dream 空きっ腹に食らったストレート The voices 頭の中掻き混ぜた Frozen berry shake Take me down, Make me down 溺れていたい キミに溺れていたい【赤裸々ララ】#DIV

1 hour ago

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