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Donald J. Trump

Great time in New Hampshire last night. Placed was maxed out, totally packed, with thousands coming to the arena fl…

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Sara A. Carter

‘The Bill Clinton Code’: Is there a secret message from #Epstein in that oil painting?

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taslima nasreen

Article 370 had to go. Sharia law or Islamic law should go too. The method that was used to abolish 370 is actuall…

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Ralf D. Müller™

RT @gernotstarke: @TomHombergs has done a terrific job in explaining clean architecture - from concepts to code. U…

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RT @cutehapyaa: 오타쿠들 특: 마감 하고싶어서하는거면서 존나 일 많이 쌓여있는 나에 취해서 이딴 짤 쓰면서 고통받는 나를 어필함

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Andrew Yang

Only 6% of American high school students are in technical or vocational tracks. In Germany it’s 59%. We should inve…

1 day ago

PMO India

50 years of harnessing water resources for progress and growth. Stamps celebrating five decades of India-Bhutan h…

17 hours ago

Sean Don

Spent my whole life bossing myself up, but I realize helping others find what they’re passionate about and giving t…

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One PH Boy

RT @AfricaFactsZone: In 1879, Congolese Chiefs signed away their sovereignty to Belgium's King Leopold II for a piece of cloth each per mon…

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