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#TWICE 7枚目となるニューアルバム #FANCYYOU リリース、ついに明日!メンバーが選曲したプレイリストでカウ- ントダウン 👉👉👉 @JYPETWICE…

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Douglas Carswell

Cost to the taxpayer of the last set of elections to the European Parliament was £108,689,344 - enough cash to trai…

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/ #桐生選手 ( #日本生命 )を一緒に応援しよう! \ 応援キャンペーン実施中! #- 速いってスゴい 第2弾(4/22~28) 桐生選手サイン- 色紙or動画の家電が 抽選でそれぞれ5名に当たる! 参加- 方法 ①…

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RT @PETAUK: Pigs are intelligent, sensitive, and emotionally sophisticated beings. Neither in life nor in death should they be cut apart or…

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Dems have started the gears of impeachment. Can they still turn back? Or, ended up helping #Trump Jr via @politico

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