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Major X

Earth Day, 2019: Fifty Years of Apocalyptic Global Warming Predictions and Why People Believe Them, Part 1 – The Oc…

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Matt 🐉 Parrott

@EternalRian @yellow_durden @DSANickposter @cashmoneyglock @MichaelEHayden @apex_ginger @CptBlackPill Occidental Di…

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@pegobry FWIW the only other reference on Twitter to "the vanquished synagoga" was that of Kevin MacDonald, the edi…

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Linda Lance

RT @Limerick1914: This fundamentally flawed work was inevitably championed and exploited by a who's who of reactionaries and white national…

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Die Seite "The Occidental Observer" ("White Identity, Interests, and Culture") beschreibt die auftretenden Personen…

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