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@BenWinegard @itsbirdemic @jason_a_w is that why you're cited by groups like the occidental observer?

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On Yellow Vests and Monsters – The Occidental Observer

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alistair robertson

@jengasamurai @BornDissident @LivesMorgoth @OrwellNGoode More racial sources . The occidental observer pmsl imagine quoting this .

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Occidental Observer: Homer’s Odyssey: The Return of the Father; Part 2 of 2

2 days ago

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Candace Owens

Net worth- Nancy Pelosi: 100 million Elizabeth Warren: 10 million Joe Biden: 5 million Bernie Sanders: 2.5 million…

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Tim Walker

Barclay brothers pay Johnson £270k to write for the Telegraph and want no-deal. We taxpayers pay him £80k. Whose interests is he serving?

1 month ago

Azur Lane Official

♚Ark Royal L2D♚ Preview Hey remember Belfast’s Iridescent Rosa L2D skin? Well, the “man of culture” behind that cr…

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RT @JayDelReyyyyy: Luister naar Travis Scott - Houdini (feat. Playboi Carti) [Extended / No Tags] van Culture Vulture Exclusives #np op #So…

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RT @pleasehelp420: oh my god im in this thrift shop and i just heard an old white lady yell “THIS IS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” i looked…

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