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Evolve Faster

(EF4) Are All Problems Worth Solving? (EF4) Is your mind—and your legacy—ready to take on a centuries-old problem a…

5 hours ago

Evolve Faster

(EF4) No One Likes an Alarm Clock (EF4) I’m asking you to help us shake the world from a dream that’s been dreamt f…

9 hours ago

Evolve Faster

(EF4) What Is Really on the Chopping Block? (EF4) The next 60 minutes could start humanity down an irreversible pat…

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Evolve Faster

EF4 (S1-E2): The Decapitation of Reason: A Skeptic’s Guide At the height of his success, a controversial philosophe…

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Elaine van Bergen

@girlgerms I just finished reading this book it covers a lot of amazing info like how lots of your memories are lik…

1 day ago

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