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Laura Ingraham

When so many Repubs were sitting on their bums acting like bums, Bannon was working 16hr days/7 days a week to elect @realDonaldTrump.

1 month ago

Andy Herren

It bums me out so much that Alex hates women. Even if she plays a good game to the end, it will be hard for me to root for her. #BB19

1 month ago

Michael J Seidlinger

Whenever the world bums me out, I go into a bookstore and see how many books I can buy before I get strange looks from ppl.

2 months ago

joseph casey

@thehill Gop fail to repeal Obamacare that's why they see damage to their party vote those bums out

1 month ago

Prez Of House Philly


1 month ago

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