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Vincent Schilling

So the #Superbowl this year is the @49ers and the Kansas City @Chiefs. As a former Sports Editor, and as a Native…

2 days ago

Matt Binder

one of the most annoying things to me are the people who say bernie sanders didn't campaign for hillary in 2016 so…

1 day ago

Fred Guttenberg

(1,2) As we see evil visit Virginia today, a quick reminder of why I have such strong faith that things are going t…

2 days ago


@youngyellow62 At first I was gonna say "A ship firing a salvo" would look cooler" but a cannon is fine to. Spose…

1 day ago


Also,one of the things that I like about Janet Jackson, also kinda inspirational to me,is that she doesn't give a f…

1 day ago

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