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@Tic_Tock_0720 ハロウィーーン🎃 美味しそう😋 いつ食べに行こうかな🤔

3 hours ago

Steve Laws

@BrentAxeMedia What’s the tic tock on the offers from other schools to come calling and stealing Tony White from SU…

6 hours ago


@TweetingJohnny Tic tock tick tock! The market will eventually naturally work itself out. I wouldn't want to be holding all those shorts.

6 hours ago

Cynthia S. Levy

@mtgreenee The rats are starting to jump ship. Tic tock seditionist.

6 hours ago


おはようございます😆 カボチャのキッシュとカボチャパスタ- のプレート🎃🎃🎃

7 hours ago

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JUST IN: House Democrats voted to approve the Women's Health Protection Act, which would finally codify Women's rig…

15 hours ago


JAEHYUN proves his global influence, becoming the first Korean & the only celebrity in the world to livestream PRAD…

6 hours ago

smith Lewis🇰🇪

RT @amerix: Men, DO NOT SEND FARE. She will come. If she does not come, she doesn't find you worthy of her time. Collect your rejection…

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