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Bud Dallas

@worstall tim more articles about concrete please. The folks at the guardian should drive their Teslas through the mud to a tent camp

1 month ago


Tim Worstall — Zimbabwe’s Third Time Lucky – The Return Of The Zim$ #mikenormaneconomics

1 month ago

Philip Scott Thomas

@DanielPryorr @ASI Where's Tim Worstall in that photo?

1 month ago

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Liam Young

Nothing exposes the liberals more than the way that they treat the invasion of Iraq and the deaths of millions of p…

1 month ago

Donald Trump Jr.

This point should be obvious but no one wants to hear it.

1 month ago


RT @PurplePiglet12: Naddie cannot see a life without James. James is everything ❤️ He's instrumental to her becoming who she is now I've…

1 month ago