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Sudarsan Pattnaik

My humble appeals to @nitin_gadkari Sir , @NHAISocialmedia please waive off toll tax at the Pipli Toll Plaza for ti…

2 weeks ago


"We are watching our people die": The human toll at the heart of Venezuela's crisis

2 weeks ago

City of Joburg

#Gauteng The city has 5 new rehab centres, free of charge, available to assist recovering addicts, their families…

2 weeks ago

Master T.C.

Killing In The Name Of Islam: Christian Death Toll Rises To 1,870 In 190 Days With Fresh 120 Killed In First Seven…

1 week ago

Blue in red TN

RT @ResistanceRules: We have failed miserably as a people and a nation in allowing Trump's lawlessness and corruption to distract us for on…

1 week ago

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