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the western Toku fandom is really like the western anime fandom in the 90's most people it is just one or two thing…

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I miss those little notes on the top of the screen in fansubs to explain a joke or something

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raise your hand if you grew up on fansubs and now use turns of phrase like "I'm in your care," "it can't be helped,…

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Steel A Jeeg 🔜 AnimeNYC

@_totalmayhem_ And now I want to reply to say WE OUT HERE I been here since before Twitter or fansubs or DISCOURSE…

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what's this (2x) there's pumpkins everywhere! 🎃

RT @soukatsu_: daily PSA to watch MDZS 😂 season 1 has ended and I think the final episode fansubs come out today so please enjoy it!! if yo…

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