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honeypeach💛still waiting for 🐰💕

@sevimxmb on Vlive. And if they wouldn’t want to upload, they should provide eng subs or allow fansubs on MX’s vids…

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⛩ 하은⛩ @ semihiatus: see pinned

@elysiumschosen That too but I feel like alot of people that didnt have to struggle with waiting for fansubs or HQ…

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JD Benefield

@dashiellsilva MKVs bring me back to the early-00s where anime fansubs were either avi or mkv and the old computer…

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La Chona

@blainewut @Flutflut1 @CHA_Quixotic999 @MHKazuki @_Vs_The_World Usually the translators use the ones that come with…

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Keep Your Hands Off Lynxara

@Champstice But even when I fansubbed, I was never terribly attached to "gotta release it or there's no point!" I h…

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Lamb necks braised with fennel, garlic, tomato, harissa spices, preserved lemon, coffee. Collard greens and smoked…

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BBC Ice Cream and Reebok are collaborating together for All-Star Weekend DETAILS:

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RT @YahooNewsTopics: 【Tレックス近縁 カナダで発見】 T・レックスと近縁関係にある新種の恐竜を発見したとの研究結果が発表された。約8000万年前に北米大陸の平原地帯を闊歩(かっぽ)していたという。ギリシャ語…

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RT @Ryune_zoldark: 二代目クラリスクレイス「アプレンティス、お前は最後に○すと約束したな」「あれは嘘だ」 #アニメPSO2

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