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Washington Examiner

At this time in 2019, @CDCgov recorded 7,703 positive influenza tests. In 2020, the number is only 36.

1 month ago

Donald Trump Jr.

I wonder what happened to the +/- 75,000 flu deaths we had in 2019. Let me guess.... they went to almost zero, righ…

1 month ago

Dr. David Samadi, MD

On December 28, 2019 there were over 7,000 recorded flu cases in the USA. On December 28, 2020 there were 36. Con…

1 month ago


@Photocop22 @Gode_fridus Warum so aggressiv? Es gab schon weit vorher Initiativen zum Gedenken an unsere toten Koll…

1 month ago