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I literally was just in Puerto Rico less than 24 hrs ago performing, my dress had just came in last night from Indi…

1 month ago

Don Winslow

Imagine what the Republicans would be doing right now if Sonia Sotomayor's husband had dozens of texts on his phone…

1 month ago

Armando Benedetti

Mientras celebrábamos el triunfo de #Encanto, aprobaron el piloto de fracking de Ecopetrol en Puerto Wilches. Quier…

1 month ago

Renette Hier

RT @robreiner: Attorney General Merrick Garland: The ball of Donald Trump’s Criminal attempt to overthrow the United States Government is i…

1 month ago

Antony Idhaya Amalan_L

RT @TheBluePen25: Child safety in TN private schools have always been worse ,today's incident of a 7 year old killed by school bus is shock…

1 month ago