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TaxPayers' Alliance

"Councils’ record of running or investing in energy companies is woeful . . . their priority should be to eliminate…

1 day ago

Gun Shop Gals

@Bill_TPA @JustinTHaskins @AOC So then it follows, by your logic, the Founders' idea of gun rights and an armed pop…

11 minutes ago


RT @wyshynski: Congrats to the @TBLightning on clinching the President's Trophy in game No 73, becoming only the fifth team to clinch it at…

3 hours ago

Daniel Kelley

@Bill_TPA @wintwins That's the problem. If they were the Sandals or something we'd all be conditioned for it. As it…

8 hours ago

Bill P[adres fan]

@wintwins @danieltkelley it's like, it needs different shading or something. I'm not an artist, that's just...off

8 hours ago

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