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awww, daddy called & we ended up talking about his love for gothic fiction. need to look for translations of #algernonblackwood for him

7 years ago

☚MarkJoseph Brincesッ

@rx931 Top Ten Translations of Mahal's Language. Sorry = chori #TeamBook2 #TheMorningRush

7 years ago

Bryaunah Willis

You talk white = You speak with proper annunciation and grammar. download Ghetto Translations for Android this app is just to funny

7 years ago


Harpercollins Unabridged Spanish Dictionary: With more than 230,000 references and 444,000 translations, the Har...

7 years ago


LOOL hood translations

7 years ago

James Yoo

@Dodgers @MagicJohnson You guys need to hire a new translator, he is horrible and saying completely different translations

7 years ago

Cool panda. ♫

I took one look at this and all I can say is page translations are... — Hahhaha you couldnt understand anything? ;)

7 years ago

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