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Danielle M

While on the treadmill tonight, it said my heartrate was no doctor, but I do know for a fact..that ain't good!

11 years ago

Castle Mischief

I don't know how I'd do this treadmill thing without Doctor Who on Netflix.

11 years ago

Erik Burnham

@ColleenDoran Oooh. A treadmill desk. My doctor would push me towards this...

11 years ago

TRUE Fitness

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11 years ago


5 Treadmill Workouts in an Hour or Less

11 years ago


@Arthuruber I wonder what a doctor note that says I need a treadmill desk will get me

11 years ago

Tai Fung

#RWRunStreak Day 15 done. Son had a doc app't this morn, so treadmill instead. No lollipop, but beer is just what the doctor ordered.

11 years ago

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