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Sarah Silverman

BC it’s satire, Doll. U R taking the context out & using this for parts to fit a narrative. Both republicans & demo…

10 hours ago

Jimmy Havoc

Robots just don't know how to work for the good of the business anymore. All they care about is flips and dives the…

1 day ago

Bill O'Reilly

It is very hard to consume news these days as accusations continue to fly. We’ll analyze how the media is handling…

1 day ago

l u c y

im still crushing over hyunsuk yg silver trainee these days❤😂😍😎

4 seconds ago

Baek's Girl

RT @EXO_KLM_Vote: Thank-you for your hard work these past days, 10 more days for this MAMA voting ends. Motivate yourself more, you can do…

11 seconds ago

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Doug Jones

We have a lot of work to do & just over 60 days to do it. We have to show the world that Alabama refuses to be emba…

1 month ago

Ashok Gehlot

Under BJP Govt, MGNREGA has completely collapsed. Despite the guarantee of providing work for 100 days, people are…

1 month ago

Christina Wilkie

Trump has played golf for the past 3 days.“Nobody could have done what I’ve done for #PuertoRico with so little app…

1 month ago


wont be streaming till prob 2 days time i'm just going to be working late next 2 days then we see from there sorry guys but work comes 1st

1 month ago

Santosh Pal

RT @Ravindra4488: @narendramodi sir why do not follow same work same pay in delhi after hounrable supreme court order last 23 days NHM sta…

1 month ago