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College GameDay

These days, it’s less about the journey for Oklahoma QB Jalen Hurts and more about the destination 💪 (📍 @goodyear)

1 day ago

Ashok Swain

"The people of Kashmir should be asked whether they want to join Pakistan or India. Let them do as they want. The r…

1 day ago

Akash Banerjee

This is a bereaved mother of #KamleshTiwari. One can imagine her state of mind, her anger against the killers; yet…

1 day ago

kathy furz

RT @GeigerNews: This is Maria Shriver from a week ago... But this could pretty much be true of any week these days, couldn't it? https://t.…

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Kyle Legg

@mikeotg2012 @Everytown Of course. I’m wondering why these are “killings” instead of “murders” in media, and if thi…

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