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Sascha Martinelli

@COURT_COURTxoxo That's it? Being a producer of what, tv shows, Movies, music?...

5 years ago

Crazed Mons†er

Buying my first laptop tomorrow :) Yay! Pretty much want one to watch my tv shows, movies and music. Yeeeah !

5 years ago

Piotr Witkowski

@viticci On Generational you mentioned app for tagging music in TV shows. Something like „internel”. I can’t find it anywhere. Please help.

5 years ago

Logan Lerman ∞

20 years old. 3 albums. 14 music videos. 5 tours. 2 TV shows. 27 awards. Millions of fans. One name, one story, one hero. Demi Lovato.

5 years ago

Lowkee Productions

The #90's hold the best tv shows and music!!! And obviously people!!!!

5 years ago


I love the combo of people on my timeline... stuff from all the tv shows and music and youtubers I like :D It's perfect harmony!

5 years ago

Kristina M.

Also, the sound on our TV is broken, which is why I'm listening to music instead of watching my Monday night shows. #TVjunkie

5 years ago

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