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Marvi Sirmed

Does Geo's deal of no-pro-PMLN & no-anti-PTI/Judiciary comments apply to tweets too? If no, why was @UmarCheema1 as…

8 hours ago

World Bank

If no action is taken, #Climatechange will drive down the living standards for millions of people in #India and the…

11 hours ago


If no be say visa go hard to get I for suggest me everybody just stroll leave Nigeria enter one side one better mee…

9 hours ago

Cheryl anderson

RT @christianllamar: @almostjingo @lor65 @tracybeanz @pamela12931446 @peko3417 @thetracyhilton @jess84109412 @ZaffoZaza @BrandonHathaw12 @_…

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Rebecca Weidmo Uvell

Tycker vi ska skramla till en riktig knytblus till Damberg. Så han får gå all in. Det där håller ju inte. Som kvinn…

5 days ago

Anita Leirfall

@Filoffen Det er da dog objektivt riktig det han konstaterer. ;)

6 minutes ago