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Wesley Snipes

At your funeral, no one is going to mention how expensive your car was or how dope ya kicks were. Be a person with true substance & heart!

1 day ago

Joel Osteen

Don’t let how you were raised or what your environment is right now convince you to settle where you are.

23 hours ago

James Woods

.@realDonaldTrump, the man, has done more to redefine the political scene in America than anyone since Roosevelt. Love him or not, he has.

1 day ago


RT @khyy9988: 틧터가 동글동글해져서 이메레스 만들어왔어요*^q^* 비몽사몽한상태로 그린ㄴ거라 인삐가 ㅇ엄청나지만.. 존잘님들이 잘 고쳐서 써주실거라 믿ㄷ어오ㅠ 2차배포/변형or가공/뭐 기타등등 다 좋아요.. 헿헤 오른쪽밑에 저거 되도록이면…

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RT @ConstanceQueen8: No votes were altered or suppressed by the Russians former DHS Johnson testifies ⁉️How many times is no NO⁉️ https:/…

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