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Yunger warlock

Snow in nearby hills of Shimla, Manali triggers rush of tourists - NDTV

8 years ago


@cwharlow Not sure what exactly you're smoking, but this is Twitter, not the liquor store or the nearby 7-Eleven. @HomsiAnarchist

8 years ago

bos blackberry

RT follow @BosBlackberry @welsenKiriono I have posted an ads: Jual Blackberry Bold 9000 Second using Nearby mobi...

8 years ago

Naquib Azman

Lumia first outing to nearby coffee shop

8 years ago


Twitter is Good Entertainment When You're Bored AF And Don't Have The Means to Start Some Fires..Or Any Knives Nearby.. #RussianKnifeGames

8 years ago

HutcH, American RN

@AlyssaOakes no for real I use a twitter app that shows nearby tweeters. Then I see damsels in distress and felt the need to intervene haha

8 years ago

Marc Hamilton

Studying(verb): checking twitter, facebook and instagram with an open textbook nearby

8 years ago

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