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English Heritage

From banning football, to regulating the type of clothing worn and the weight of bread, these medieval laws will ma…

2 days ago

Devdutt Pattanaik

Why does the Hindutva temple at Ayodhya remind us of Jain and Swaminarayan type architecture found in Gujarat mostl…

3 days ago


aujourd'hui c'est créatif à l'école donc je pense tenter de faire un maquillage inspiré des films Blair Witch (type…

29 minutes ago

Bashirat! #SoroSoke #DagaMurya #ReformNigeria

When they ask, who are you, Bashirat? I say: I am the type of person who Gives life to my brilliant ideas. Build p…

1 hour ago

Drako Noktul

@Apollo_Returns @ArthrPrydain If superstition is worthless and destructive why stress the heroic fables of Apollo?…

1 hour ago

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