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[U4iK]Toni - itssomerandomplayer

so, I just got suspended from @Rainbow6Game, toxic behaviour whils't only thing I did was I called out a group of p…

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@Highfrency @Apples003 @McNeedo @laura_madlen @FarCrygame @Ubisoft When I see your entire group, it always reminds…

7 hours ago

Loki NxG

@Cxlcyy @Wirelus @Wxrhawk @Rom4ni4n_HunteR @_StormzIl No man its about the Matchmaking then we have one Platinum Pl…

11 hours ago


Why is it that Ubisoft are actively trying to take out and ban the only good Siege group, Rainbow Six Siegeposting.…

12 hours ago

Week Herald

Jefferies Financial Group Weighs in on UBISOFT Entmt S/ADR’s FY2019 Earnings $UBSFY

19 hours ago

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Chelsea FC

Chelsea Football Club and Antonio Conte have parted company.

1 week ago


★A3! 限定スカウト配信決定★ 近日、新公演イベントを配信予定です。それに先駆け、7/16に限定スカウトを配信いたします。今回は時代劇コメディに挑戦!公演の詳細は明日お知らせいたします。 #エースリー

1 week ago

Netizen Kane

Because The Dumber-Than-Fu*k @ItsFlo And The Left-Wing #Progressive-Fu*king-Company Is Equivalent To The American-F…

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