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Justice for #BreonaTaylor. shot and killed in her own apartment. Police, in search of drugs (no-notice warrant) rus…

1 month ago

Adrian Wojnarowski

As the Knicks season ends now, President Leon Rose will soon begin his search for a new head coach -- with Tom Thib…

1 month ago


You never have to consent to a search of yourself or your belongings. Say that you don't consent to the search. If…

1 month ago


O5ty hatbala8 3any el 7ekooma ba3d ma shafet el search history beta3ty

1 month ago

英語検定2級 英単語

suppose /səpóuz/ 〔他〕[~ that]…と思う[推測する],[~ that]…と仮定する[想定する],[~ A to do]Aが…すると仮定する,[接続詞的に]もし…ならば,[命令文で]…したらよいと思うがどうか…

1 month ago