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Reggie Miller

20 hours ago

Nan Cen

@_mattkruse At least this time you didn't use my full government name lol

21 hours ago

@NanZNaZ Ok Nan Gretzky

22 hours ago

Nan Cen

@_mattkruse That's what happens when you roll with the great one lol

1 day ago

@NanZNaZ All I had to do was drop your name and 👌🏽 VIP experience 💁🏽‍♀️. Not my fault

1 day ago

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@kruse_jamie83 In the meantime Matt Parcell is still rubbing the back of his head!

3 days ago

Matt Kruse

With an increasing amount of my time being spent in #Slack I really wish I loved it. I really wish it was less anno…

4 days ago

Jörg-Michael Kruse

@TaylorBurtonMDH ich ehrlich das Bild gefällt nicht so gut 😊, jedoch sind Geschmeckter verschiedenen. andere finden…

4 days ago

Bryan Sebesta

Would also love to hear from you Alexa Champs about my VX/VUI portfolio and skill demonstration questions. Again, m…

6 days ago

Uldis Bojars

@matt_kruse @googlecalendar I agree about the horrible new @googlecalendar redesign and wasted screen space (also g…

1 week ago