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「ディセンダント3」に、マイリー・サイラス、ヴァネッサ・ハ- ジェンズら出演の可能性!? 制作総指揮者が熱望😍 #Descendants #MileyCyrus ★詳しくはこちら✨✨↓↓

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MTV Canada

A single act of kindness can cause a chain reaction. Here's @VanessaHudgens @RickHansenFdn @SofiaCarson and…

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E! News

Seven years ago today, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens ended their ICONIC young Hollywood romance...and what a roman…

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Vanessa Hudgens - Runs errands in LA December 18, 2017

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amy zajac

If you start listening to Vanessa Hudgens' Sneakernight at 11:59:14 then you'll reach the first "basically what we'…

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