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Rob Perez

Lillard is on that very short list of players if they're on fire all plans are canceled. if this is emergency please call 911.

3 days ago

Tim O'Brien

Translation: “I’ve kept so few promises that I had to repeat one of them twice on my very short list.”

1 week ago

Todd Q has NO Patience

@NativeNewYorke1 @ladyblueky @yrobert514 @GKeile Eyes opened in 1979. I separated from ALL media. Turned off tv, ra…

just now

lewd plant of the southwest

coworker has a stash of 10 diff hot sauces in his office and let me use them, adding him to my very short list of w…

3 minutes ago

Farzin Vousoughian

This is far from the worst thing he’s done. However, this adds to an already long list of incidents in a very short…

6 minutes ago

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\ #Lチキ無料プレゼント !/ ローソンの #クリスマスボックス フォロー&リツイートで10日間連続!毎日1万名様にLチキが当たります(^^) 5日目は12/8 10:59まで♪ #ローソン #エルチキ…

1 month ago


Thank you for making "Boy With Luv feat. Halsey" the Biggest 24 hr Debut in YouTube History and "Boy With Luv feat.…

1 month ago


GOT7 Japan Repackage Album “Sing for U (Memorial ver.)” M/V (Short ver.) 2019.12.07 0AM (KST) #GOT7 #갓세븐…

1 month ago

EBS Afyon 1

RT @latif_selvi: 10. 5. Dönem Toplu Sözleşme’ye imza atmadığımız ortadayken, karşı oy kullanıp 85 sayfa şerh düşmemize rağmen şerhimizi gör…

1 month ago


RT @shahfahzan: Setelah hampir 10 Tahun kenari ni hilang..jumpa balik.. makin byk aib bini baru dai farhan ni kluar.. sedap tukar num plate…

1 month ago