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Joe Giglio

The Phillies have effectively swapped Crawford for Segura and Santana for McCutchen (while moving Rhys to 1B and im…

7 hours ago

Esther TheWonder Pig

“People are very responsive when companion animals are hurt or killed, but not livestock.610,000 animals died in ba…

1 day ago

Jon Lovett

Lovett or Leave It is going on tour in 2019! You're welcome. Pre-sale starts tomorrow with the code "CROOKED" at…

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Mazuba Kapambwe

RT @Aliben86: In 2019 insha'Allah, this is what I hope I'll be adding to my done list this time next year - 1. A published poetry antholog…

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MPG Radio

@StreamSpinner - Sabrina Fallah - All or Nothing is now playing on MPG Radios.. Rock Town Lounge -

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Erik Wasson

BIG from PAUL RYAN: "You cannot end birthright citizenship with an executive order." says on WVLK radio

1 month ago

Joyce Alene

Here's the resume of the guy launching the attack on Mueller, a conservative radio host known for spreading conspir…

1 month ago

Harrison Faigen

Okay, so the context matters here a little bit: LeBron was asked what he was like as a leader when his patience run…

1 month ago

lilly ❥

RT @joonivert: [first day as bartender] seokjin: piña colada please jungkook: ok seokjin: can you make it virgin? jungkook: *trying not…

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Información meteorológica de Chihuahua siendo las 23:45. Temperatura de 19.4 C. Humedad relativa de 44 %. Viento d…

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